Al Rafedain Marine Services L.L.C

We are glad to introduce you ours company “AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C.” DUBAI – UAE. established in year 2002.

The AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C has been established 2002 with a primary focus on the provision of Crew Management, Ship Management Worldwide.


             "We AL RAFEDAIN with a confident that we can meet all of the requirements and demands of owner / manager / operators, and maintain a fleet of quality vessels, standards possible, while retaining a high degree of cost efficiency."


In 2002,AL-RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C was through successful in crew manning by Company’s Directors efforts & all staff of AL RAFEDAIN remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company activity for crewing & other business.

AL RAFEDAIN firmly believes in "People", "Leadership" and “Technical Excellence" as the foundation of reliable and effective service.

As a result, the group has grown steadily over the years and been rewarded with ever increasing employee loyalty.

In selection of both sea and shore based staff, Seaprime Marine maintains an industry leading standard of recruitment and training; developing staff in a friendly, inter-active working environment, geared towards continuous improvement.

Whilst providing complete crews for ship operators / owners / managers fleet of vessels under our crewing agency, AL RAFEDAIN Crewing agency enables owners to escape the untested waters of Crewing Agent's as they are left almost entirely absent from the picture.

Most importantly, Safety always comes first. We take responsibility for the environment and our surroundings because we want to protect our planet for future generations. Responsibility also means honesty and trustworthiness. We expect all our people to do the right thing and never to accept unethical or questionable business practices. We manage significant values on behalf of our customers. We take responsibility for the job being done in a professional, cost-effective manner that preserves their assets and reputation. We also guarantee first-class training for our employees.


“To be a global maritime services provider, through a principled value based approach to our customer, and by bringing together a diverse cross-section of people from different aspects and united in purpose while striving for harmony in elements through ingenuity of human endeavour”

We want to be a long-term partner for our customers, a home for our people and to make a difference in the community.

We don't see any contradiction in running a healthy business but at the same time being socially responsible. We want to improve people's lives. In the countries where we work, we are a provider for our employees, their families and the local society.

AL SAIL is one big family.

We provide challenging work and excellent career prospects for our people, but we also want it to be fun. Ultimately, our success is our customers' success. As long-term partners we work closely with them and strive for innovation and improvements .


We believe that we will continue to grow and strengthen our position as long as we always aim to deliver the best.

Because when it comes down to it: It's All About People!


AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES LLC is dedicated to achieving its corporate vision to exceed the customer’s expectations, to deliver exceptional values, and to impart lasting values of integrity, loyalty, and professionalism through the attributes of: Service Harmony Achievement Responsibility Enthusiasm

We know that our entire existence is depending on that we have customers who find our services better than the competition. We want to be an important partner for our customers, making sure that the services we provide are adding value for our customers. We simply want to give that little bit extra that put our customers ahead of their competition.

We aim to be a key partner for our customers and that our services add significant value for them. We want to give that little bit extra that'll put them ahead of their game.